Periodic road inspections

If know the condition of the road surface, pavements and other elements of the roadway, you can plan and manage funds for their maintenance rationally. We offer you yearly and five-yearly inspections of roads on the basis of the BIKB and SOSN methods, in accordance with the binding regulations: Construction Law, Art. 62, par. 2, of 7th July 1994, as amended, Public Road Act of 21st March 1985.


The assessment on the basis of te BIKB method covers:
  • Surface damage
  • Surface deformation
  • Cracks


The assessment on the basis of the SOSN method covers:
  • Visual assessment of the surface
  • Assessment of the hard shoulders and dehydration (SOPO)
  • High-resolution photographs of the surface
  • Evenness measurement by means of laser equipment


The inspection results are presented: 
  • In sheets and inspections protocols
  • On surface condition maps (analogue and digital)
  • In addition, photographic documentation
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Dokumentacja fotograficzna